Electrical Bioimpedance-Controlled Surgical Instrumentation


A bioimpedance-controlled concept for bone cement milling throughout revision total hip replacement is presented. Normally, the surgeon manually removes bone cement employing a hammer and chisel. However, this procedure is relatively rough and unintended damage may occur to tissue at any time. The proposed bioimpedance-controlled surgical instrumentation improves this process because, as an example, most risks related to bone cement removal are avoided. The electrical bioimpedance measurements enable on-line method-management by using the milling head as both a cutting tool and measurement electrode at the identical time. Furthermore, a completely unique integrated surgical milling tool is introduced, that allows acquisition of electrical bioimpedance data for online management; these data are used as a process variable. Process identification is predicated on finite component method simulation and on experimental studies with a speedy control prototyping system. The control loop design includes the identified process model, the characterization of noise as being normally distributed and also the filtering, that is critical for sufficient accuracy ($pm 0.five~rm mm$). Conjointly, in an exceedingly comparative study, noise suppression is investigated in silico with a moving average filter and a Kalman filter. Finally, performance analysis shows that the bioimpedance-controlled surgical instrumentation might additionally performs effectively at a higher feed rate (e.g., 5 mm/s).

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