PSEBVC: Provably Secure ECC and Biometric Based Authentication Framework Using Smartphone for Vehicular Cloud Environment


The Vehicular Cloud Environment, also known as VCE, is an entirely novel research subfield that combines Cloud Computing with vehicular networks. It provides NetWorking and sensor capabilities for automobiles, allowing for V2I or V2V Communication with the infrastructure along roadways. Applications that run in the cloud are used quite frequently in the field of traffic control and road safety. For effective vehicular Communication NetWorking, a hybrid technical solution is required. This solution must utilize the vehicle's resources in addition to cloud infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT) settings. VCE is an intelligent vehicular Communication architecture that supports the development of self-driving cars, improved vehicle control, and increased system safety. It would appear that VCE presents significant challenges in the areas of security and privacy as a result of the integration of unidentified vehicles and infrastructure into the public network. In this regard, we propose a PSEBVC, which is a provably secure elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and biometric based authentication system for VCE employing smartphones. The ECC is based on elliptic curves, and the biometrics are based on the user's fingerprints. The framework that is being offered achieves the majority of the necessary security features and properties for secure Communication, regardless of whether the adversaries are active or passive. A formal security model that is based on the concept of a random oracle is another thing that we propose and prove. In addition to that, we show you how to perform a security analysis with the Scyther tool. Within the same context, we compare the efficiency of our protocol to that of various other frameworks. According to our findings, the proposed system is not only safe but also effective in terms of the amount of processing and Communication overhead it requires. According to our findings, the proposed architecture satisfies all of the necessary security criteria while also making it possible to have productive Communication.

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