Securing Real-Time Video Surveillance Data in Vehicular Cloud Computing: A Survey


The concept of vehicular ad hoc networks, or VANETs, has attracted a lot of attention recently, particularly in the field of wireless Communications technology. In a VANET, each vehicle is fitted with a variety of intelligent sensors that are able to collect data in real time from both the vehicle's own systems as well as those of nearby vehicles. The computation, processing, and storage of these real-time data must be done on a powerful scale. On board units have a limited storage capacity, which means that VANETs are unable to manage real-time data (OBU). In order to circumvent this restriction, a novel idea has been developed in which a vehicular area network (VANET) is combined with Cloud Computing to produce a new type of technology known as vehicular Cloud Computing (VCC). Real-time services, such as the data obtained from real-time video surveillance, can be managed by VCC, and this enables the organization to monitor crucial happenings on the road. Any manipulation, alteration, or sniffing of data will affect a driver's life by causing them to make decisions that are not in their best interest, so these real-time video surveillance data include highly sensitive data that should be protected against intruders in the networks where they are stored. The VCC industry faces significant challenges with regards to protecting the confidentiality of real-time video surveillance data. As a result, the significance of maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of real-time video data within VCC was investigated in this study. First, we give a brief introduction to VANETs and discuss the limitations of using them. Second, we offer a taxonomy that is up to date with regard to real-time video data that is stored in VCC. After that, a discussion on the significance of real-time video surveillance data in both fifth generation (5G) and sixth generation (6G) networks follows. In conclusion, the difficulties and unresolved concerns regarding real-time video data in VCC are talked about.

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