Simulating the Wake Downstream of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine Using a Modified Vorticity Transport Model


To decrease the necessity for fossil fuels, the choice energy resources should be not solely economically viable however conjointly sustainable in the long term. One amongst the foremost promising alternatives is that the marine renewable energy resource. The relatively young marine energy trade is presented with two challenges: initial, to deliver a nonstop reliable power offer, and second, to attenuate potentially harmful effects of the power extraction on the marine setting. The requirement to perceive the interactions between a tidal turbine and the encircling flow environment motivated this work. A tidal turbine mounted on the seabed induces a wake that extends way downstream of the device. As the direction of tidal flow changes, so does the position of the wake with respect to the device. The detailed study of the turbine wake has been conducted by means of laptop simulations. An existing finite-volume pc model known as the vorticity transport model has been modified to suit the purpose of simulating the wake of a horizontal axis tidal turbine subjected to a nonuniform flow typical of that close to the seabed. High-resolution computer simulations counsel that a progressive fragmentation of the vortical structure occurs during the event of the wake of a tidal turbine. The predicted fragmentation generates tiny-scale unsteady flow phenomena beyond 5 rotor diameters downstream of the device in the realm previously thought unaffected by the presence of a tidal turbine. The results of nonuniform flow on the vorticity structure downstream of a tidal turbine and therefore the fragmentation process are analyzed in this work.

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