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Optimal Power Control in Rayleigh-Fading Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

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Optimal Power Control in Rayleigh-Fading Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


Heterogeneous wireless networks give varying degrees of network coverage in an exceedingly multi-tier configuration in which low-powered little cells are used to enhance performance. Due to the ad-hoc deployment of small cells, optimal resource allocation is important to provision fairness and enhance energy efficiency. We initial study the worst outage chance drawback in Rayleigh-fading channels, and solve this nonconvex stochastic program using mathematical tools from nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory. As a by-product, we have a tendency to solve an open drawback of convergence for a previously proposed algorithm within the interference-limited case. We have a tendency to then address a complete power minimization drawback with outage specification constraints and its feasibility issue. We have a tendency to propose a dynamic algorithm that adapts the outage likelihood specification during a heterogeneous wireless network to reduce the total energy consumption and to simultaneously offer fairness guarantees in terms of the worst outage probability. Finally, we have a tendency to offer numerical analysis on the performance of the algorithms and also the effectiveness of deploying closed-access little cells in heterogeneous wireless networks to deal with the tradeoff between energy saving and feasibility of users satisfying their outage probability specifications.

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Optimal Power Control in Rayleigh-Fading Heterogeneous Wireless Networks - 4.7 out of 5 based on 94 votes

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