A Tri-Beam Dog-Bone Resonant Sensor With High- in Liquid for Disposable Test-Strip Detection of Analyte Droplet


This paper presents a completely unique tri-beam structured dog-bone resonance-mode micro-sensor, with a frequency readout piezoresistive Wheatstone-bridge independently located at the central beam for the detection of liquid-section bio/chemical analyte. Compared with the conventional dual-beam dog-bone resonator, the tri-beam resonator has blessings within the elimination of signal feed-through and high-Q resonance in liquid. With sensing-material loaded on the sensing-plates of the resonator, the tri-beam extension-mode resonator is developed for liquid-section sensing to adsorbed mass. Attributed to the high-Q factor in solution, the resonant sensor is suitable for the detection of trace-amount bio/chemical liquid-droplet sample. The experimental results show that the aqueous Hg2+ ion of five hundred ppb concentration can be detected.

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