The Case for Hybrid Photonic Plasmonic Interconnects (HyPPIs): Low-Latency Energy-and-Area-Efficient On-Chip Interconnects


Moore's law for ancient electric integrated circuits is facing increasingly more challenges in each physics and economics. Among those challenges is the actual fact that the bandwidth per compute on the chip is dropping, whereas the energy required for information movement keeps rising. We benchmark varied interconnect technologies, together with electrical, photonic, and plasmonic options. We contrast them with hybrid photonic–plasmonic interconnect(s) [HyPPI(s)], where we tend to consider plasmonics for active manipulation devices and photonics for passive propagation integrated circuit components and more propose another novel hybrid link that utilizes an on-chip laser for intrinsic modulation, so bypassing electrooptic modulation. Our analysis shows that such hybridization will overcome the shortcomings of both pure photonic and plasmonic links. Furthermore, it shows superiority in a variety of performance parameters such as point-to-point latency, energy potency, throughput, energy delay product, crosstalk coupling length, and bit flow density, that is a new metric that we outlined to reveal the tradeoff between the footprint and performance. Our proposed HyPPIs show considerably superior performance compared with other links.

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