Robust Interference Exploitation-Based Precoding Scheme With Quantized CSIT


We tend to propose a replacement precoding theme that may exploit interference constructively when a base station (BS) is given quantized channel state data (CSI) in multiuser multiple-input single-output (MU-MISO) systems. Within the proposed theme, interference is decomposed into predictable interference, manipulated constructively by a BS, and unpredictable interference, caused by the quantization error. To cut back performance loss by unpredictable interference, we have a tendency to first derive the higher sure of the unpredictable interference. Then, the BS aligns the predictable interference so that its power is a lot of bigger than the derived upper sure. During this process, to intensify the received signal power, the BS simultaneously aligns the predictable interference therefore that it's constructively superimposed with the required signal. Simulation results show that the proposed theme achieves improved image error rates (SERs) compared with existing precoding schemes, especially with a high modulation level.

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