Server-Aided Fine-Grained Access Control Mechanism with Robust Revocation in Cloud Computing


In a wide variety of Cloud Computing applications, attribute based encryption, also known as ABE, makes it possible to exercise granular control over who can view encrypted data. This cutting-edge method was developed for cloud storage services. Despite this, the expansion of ABE is hampered by two major limitations that need to be addressed. One reason for this is that the majority of the currently available user revocation mechanisms are not capable of simultaneously achieving high efficiency, immediate effect, and robustness. Another issue is that decrypting ABE requires expensive pairing operations, the number of which frequently increases in tandem with the level of complexity of the access policy. In this work, we propose a practical server-aided revocable fine-grained access control mechanism that makes use of the cloud's storage, computing, and management capabilities. This mechanism not only accomplishes efficient fine-grained attribute-based access control, but it also actualizes immediate and robust user revocation. This work was carried out with the help of the cloud. In addition, the majority of the labor-intensive processes involved in decryption are sent to a public cloud server, and the users are only responsible for one exponentiation. In the end, we decided to use the Charm framework to implement our proposed mechanism. The results of the benchmarks demonstrate that our proposed mechanism is both highly efficient and practically applicable.

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