Robust Localization System using Vector Combination in Wireless Sensor Networks


In this paper, we propose a localization system that is based on vectors and that takes into account both distance and angle information. The locations of nodes in wireless sensor networks are typically determined by a range-based localization system that makes use of information regarding the distance between the nodes. It is possible to improve the accuracy of estimating the positions of nodes compared to a positioning system that only has distance information available if both the distance and angle information is available in the positioning system. Existing studies that use information on distance and angle make the assumption that all of the nodes are directly connected to one another. These studies do not take into account a method for measuring angle information between nodes that are not directly connected. On the other hand, this assumption might not hold true for wireless sensor networks used in the real world, particularly those with a large number of nodes that have a restricted Communication range. The aforementioned localization algorithm provides a solution to this issue by utilizing a vector combination that converts the vectors based on the regional coordinate system to the vectors based on the global coordinate system applicable across the entire network. It has been demonstrated that the proposed algorithm is reliable, particularly in a network with only one edge connected to it. The results of the simulation show that the proposed algorithm provides positioning accuracy that is up to 70 percent better than that provided by iterative range-based algorithms currently in use, such as MDS-MAP (C,R).

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