A Low-Latency and Low-Power Hybrid Scheme for On-Chip Networks


Network-on-chip (NoC) has emerged as a very important factor that determines the performance and power consumption of many-core systems. This paper proposes a hybrid scheme for NoCs, that aims at getting low latency and low power consumption. In the presented hybrid scheme, a unique switching mechanism, known as virtual circuit switching, is proposed to intermingle with circuit switching and packet switching. Flits traveling in virtual circuit switching can traverse the router with solely one stage. In addition, multiple virtual circuit-switched (VCS) connections are allowed to share a standard physical channel. Moreover, a path allocation algorithm is proposed during this paper to work out VCS connections and circuit-switched connections on a mesh-connected NoC, such that both Communication latency and power are optimized. A set of synthetic and real traffic workloads are exploited to guage the effectiveness of the proposed hybrid scheme. The experimental results show that our proposed hybrid scheme can efficiently cut back the Communication latency and power. For instance, for real traffic workloads, a median of twenty.3% latency reduction and 33.a pair of% power saving will be obtained in comparison with the baseline NoC. Moreover, compared with the NoC with virtual purpose-to-purpose connections (VIP), the proposed hybrid theme will scale back the latency by vi.eight% with the facility decreasing by 11.3% averagely.

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