Low-Latency and Fresh Content Provision in Information-Centric Vehicular Networks


The paper investigates the content service provision of information-centric vehicular networks (ICVNs) from the perspective of mobile edge caching, taking into consideration the dynamic driving-related context information. Two different strategies have been developed for the updating of cache and the distribution of content at roadside units in order to provide current information with a low latency (RSUs). The roadside unit centric (RSUC) scheme splits the bandwidth in order to decouple the updating of the cache and the delivery of the content. This allows for the cached content items to be updated on a regular basis in a round-robin fashion. The request adaptive (ReA) scheme will, in response to user requests, update the cached versions of the content items using a predetermined probability. The performance of both of the proposed schemes is evaluated, and as a result, closed-form solutions for the average age of information (AoI) and service latency are constructed. Surprisingly, there are times when the AoI-latency trade-off does not exist, and frequent cache updates can have a negative impact on both performance metrics. As a result, the RSUC and ReA schemes will undergo further optimization in order to strike a balance between the AoI and the latency. Extensive simulations are run on the SUMO and OMNeT++ simulators, and the results show that the proposed schemes can reduce service latency by up to 80 percent while guaranteeing content freshness in heavily loaded ICVNs. Moreover, the simulations show that these reductions can be achieved without sacrificing content quality.

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