Three-phase probabilistic load flow in radial and meshed distribution networks


With the introduction of higher levels of renewables and demand response programs, traditional deterministic Power System tools fall short of expectations. Probabilistic load flow (PLF) takes into account the inconsistency or the unknown hundreds, and generation in the fundamental load flow analysis. This study proposes a PLF answer for each balanced and unbalanced, radial and weakly meshed networks without explicitly using the Y-bus matrix. It permits for discrete likelihood density functions as input variables while not having to assume a predefined distribution. The nodal voltages and the power flows will be calculated independently from one another. The proposed methodology is applied to the IEEE 123 Node Test Feeder and also the IEEE 13 Node Check Feeder in each its original radial configuration and a modified mesh configuration, together with a load replaced with a wind turbine. The results are validated by comparison of the proposed methodology's solutions to those obtained using cumulants and Monte Carlo simulation. The proposed PLF technique provides an correct and sensible means for locating the solution to stochastic issues occurring in power distribution systems permitting for real-system information to be analysed.

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