An area and power efficient adder-based stepwise linear interpolation for Digital Signal Processing


Linear interpolation is frequently employed in Digital Signal Processing applications to reconstruct signals, e.g., image, and audio processing, for that the multiplier and divider are two power- and area-hungry operators. Since most nature phenomena don't seem to be precisely representable in linear forms, it's inefficient to use multiplier-based linear interpolation (MBLI) for correct linear curve fitting. In this paper, space- and power-efficient adder-based stepwise linear interpolation (ABSI) is proposed to emulate the behavior of standard linear interpolation. As a test vehicle for system demonstrations and performance evaluations, a general purpose display controller for applying an interpolationbased image/video scaling engine and overdrive for multimedia displays like televisions, monitors, and projectors, was designed. Compared with a scaling engine using typical MBLI, a scaling engine using the proposed ABSI contains a similar scaling quality in terms of the height signalto- noise ratio (PSNR), whereas reducing the area and power consumption by 45% and forty four%, respectively. Furthermore, as compared with the compression/decompression of an overdrive using typical MBLI, the info compression/decompression of the overdrive with the proposed ABSI shows a comparable compression/ decompression quality whereas reducing the realm and power consumption by forty sixp.c and forty fivepercent, respectively.

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