A solid state drive architecture with memory card modules


Solid State Drive (SSD) for the buyer market may not need extreme high performance, but it does need high density at an occasional value. Redundant Array of Cheap (or Independent) Disks (RAID) are built up by a group of independent disk drives, not inside a disk drive. This makes a RAID system not as inexpensive as expected in the start and in the top the system often becomes expensive, giant in size and complexity. It's not well fitted to shopper applications. This paper proposes a replacement structure, to create up a high density SSD in an exceedingly RAID system by using SD or MMC/ eMMC modules rather than freelance drives. A SSD controller chip with embedded RAID (eRAID) multiple level functions was designed and applied to verify this proposal. By using this controller and eMMC modules, a redundant array of freelance modules (RAIM) is built up as an inexpensive single drive and proven to figure. The result revealed that a RAIM will be one SSD drive also a micro-RAID system. By utilizing RAIM SSD units a a lot of refined RAID system can be constructed at lower prices and greater performance in an exceedingly much smaller configuration, that is additional appropriate as home cloud storage, etc.

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