Efficient Anonymous Authentication for Wireless Body Area Networks


Wireless body area networks (WBANs) are becoming an increasingly important medical paradigm as a result of developments in integrated circuit and wireless Communication technologies. WBANs help their customers become more aware of and in control of their bodies by collecting, uploading, and processing real-time data relating to their physical parameters. WBANs run the risk of clients' privacy being compromised during data transmission, despite the fact that they bring with them certain conveniences. Anonymous authentication schemes were proposed as a solution to this problem, and the latest schemes ensure that previous session keys generated by a WBAN client cannot be compromised even if the client's private key is revealed (known as forward security). Unfortunately, previous forward secure schemes required bilinear pairing operations, which is not ideal for WBANs with limited computational resources. In addition, the property known as forward anonymity, which states that previous sessions shouldn't be identified once a WBAN client's private key has been revealed, has not been taken into consideration in any of the works that have been published up until this point. In this paper, as a response to the challenges outlined above, we propose an identity-based authenticated encryption method without pairing, and we construct an anonymous authentication scheme on the basis of this method. The subsequent security and performance analyses demonstrate that our schemes are secure (including forward anonymous) under the random oracle model, and that they are also practically applicable in WBANs with limited resources.

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