Precise Fault Location in TDM-PON by Utilizing Chaotic Laser Subject to Optical Feedback


We propose a technique with high spatial resolution to detect fiber faults in a time-division multiplexing passive optical network (TDM-PON). A semiconductor laser serving because the probe light-weight supply is subjected to self-feedback caused by reflection at fiber faults. The feedback will induce the laser to generate chaos. Autocorrelation of the output time series shows the external cavity signature and, therefore, indicates the space between the laser and the fiber fault. Every branch is identified by the marker that's shaped by the inserted fiber Bragg grating (FBG) providing the feedback in each branch, and the faulty branch can be distinguished by the marker that has disappeared. Our proof-of-concept experiment demonstrates the identification of the faulty branch and the situation of the fault point in an optical network simultaneously. This is achieved with a six-km feeder fiber and realizes the 8-mm spatial resolution.

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