Development of 7.75 Ratio Voltage Divider Toward a Precise Measurement of Decade Resistance Based on the AC Quantized Hall Resistance


At the National Metrology Institute of Japan, we are developing a transformer bridge circuit that may precisely compare the plateau resistance in an ac quantized Hall resistance with a 100-k resistance. In this paper, we tend to propose a sensible transformer voltage ratio of 7.seventy five:one, that is the foremost necessary parameter for developing a transformer bridge circuit. Additional, we have a tendency to describe the planning of an inductive voltage divider (IVD) to appreciate the 7.75:1 ratio. We intend to use the proposed IVD as a reference standard for calibrating the voltage ratio of the transformer. The reference IVD was fabricated with the two-stage technique and calibrated by Thompson’s method. The deviation from the nominal ratio of seven.seventy five was estimated to be for in-phase and for quadrature. The quality uncertainty of this calibration was estimated to be for in-phase and for quadrature.

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