Power Cycling Reliability of Power Module: A Survey


Electronic devices using semiconductors such as insulated-gate bipolar transistors, metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, and diodes are extensively utilized in electrical traction applications such as locomotive, elevators, subways, and cars. The long-term reliability of such power modules is then highly demanded, and their main reliability criterion is their power cycling capability. Thus, an influence cycling take a look at is the foremost vital reliability test for power modules. This check consists in periodically applying a current to a tool mounted onto a heat sink. This results in power loss in the entire module and ends up in a rise within the semiconductor temperature. In this paper, the different sorts of semiconductors and power modules used for traction applications are described. Experimental and simulation ways used for power cycling tests are presented. Modules' weak points and fatigue processes are detected. Then, an in depth statistical review of publications from 1994 to 2015 handling power cycling is presented. This review provides a transparent overview of all studies managing power cycling that were meted out till currently. It reveals the principal trends in power electronic devices and highlights the main reliability problems for that an important lack of information remains.

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