Extension and denature temperature of dsDNA molecules at various magnetic forces by using magnetic tweezers


Stretching experiments on lambda-deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) were carried out in microfluidic channel employing a microscope, micro-flow pump, and electromagnet. The micro-flow channel was fabricated by using micro electromechanical technology, and also the electromagnet was analyzed by software to simulate the magnetic field distribution. The magnetic field was 248.six gauss at a current of zero.five A, and therefore the system may exert twenty.four pN of force on a magnetic bead with diameter of two.8 μm. When the buffer temperature was twenty five °C, the average length of lambda-DNA molecules was 1.9 μm while not magnetic field. During a magnetic field of 248.half-dozen gauss, the extension was 7.a pair of μm, the entire length was 9.1 μm, and the coefficient of elasticity was two.eighty three × ten-vi N/m. When the buffer temperature was forty five °C, the common length was μm while not magnetic field. At forty five °C in a magnetic field of 248.half-dozen gauss, the extension was 11.9 μm, the whole length was 16.5 μm, and also the coefficient of elasticity was 1.71 × ten-half-dozen N/m. Besides, the denature temperature of dsDNA decreases with increasing magnetic force, and the temperature distinction will be on top of seven °C. This system can be used to measure the related properties of macromolecules.

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