Fractional order Sprott chaos synchronisation-based real-time extension power quality detection method


It is known that real-time power quality monitoring is typically rather troublesome to realize due to the need of high-priced equipments and necessary of more signals to be captured. To resolve this downside, this study combines fractional order Sprott chaos synchronisation system with extension theory to detect power signal disturbance including voltage swell, sag, interruption, and harmonics for real-time power quality monitoring. The utilization of fractional order chaotic systems can significantly improve the things of misjudgement due to the dynamic error is just too large by using general integer order chaotic systems. Otherwise, the three-dimensional (3D) Sprott error dynamics can be reduced to 2D error system. It will become easier and cheaper to implement this scheme in the moveable device. The results of numerical simulation show that the detection accuracy rate is a hundredpercent and it's better than the strategies in previous studies. It ought to be ready to urge a very high diagnostic accuracy if this method will be applied to the particular Power System.

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