A Review of Algorithms for Compliant Control of Stiff and Fixed-Compliance Robots


This survey presents the state-of-the-art of basic compliant management algorithms in a very unified read of past and gift literature. Compliant management is prime when coping with unstructured environments, as within the case of human-robot interaction. This can be as a result of it implicitly controls the energy transfer to the atmosphere, providing a secure interaction. In this review, we analyze solutions from ancient robotics, typically involving stiff joints, and up to date literature to find common management concepts and variations. To the current aim, we have a tendency to bring back every schemas and relative mathematics formulation to a common and simplified situation. Then, for every schema, we tend to justify its intuitive which means and report issues raised in the literature. We have a tendency to conjointly propose an enlargement of taxonomy to account for recent research.

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