Transparent Real-Time Task Scheduling on Temporal Resource Partitions


The Hierarchical Real-Time Scheduling (HiRTS) technique helps improve overall resource utilization in real-time embedded systems. With HiRTS, a computation resource is divided into a cluster of temporal resource partitions, each of that accommodates multiple real-time tasks. Besides the computation resource partitioning problem, real-time task scheduling on resource partitions is also a major problem of HiRTS. The present scheduling techniques for dedicated resources, like schedulability tests and utilization bounds, are unable to work while not changes on temporal resource partitions in most cases. During this paper, we have a tendency to show how to achieve maximal transparency for task scheduling on Regular Partitions, a sort of resource partition introduced by the Regularity-based mostly Resource Partition (RRP) Model. We have a tendency to show that many categories of real-time scheduling problems on a regular partition can be transformed into equivalent issues on an obsessive single resource, such that comprehensive single-resource scheduling techniques offer optimal solutions. Furthermore, this transformation methodology may be applied to different types of real-time tasks like periodic tasks, sporadic tasks and aperiodic tasks.

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