Transparent JFETs Based on -NiO/ -ZnO Heterojunctions


The fabrication of all-oxide junction-FETs consisting of n-sort ZnO channels and p-sort NiO gate electrodes with high optical transmission within the visible spectral vary is reported. The influence of the channel layer thickness on the transfer characteristics in terms of ON-voltage, current ON/OFF ratio, and subthreshold slope was investigated. Best devices showed channel mobilities of around four cm , ON/OFF ratios of up to , and subthreshold slopes shut to the thermal limit. The ON-voltage will be shifted from −3.five to V when the channel thickness is decreased from eighty to 10 nm. At elevated temperatures of up to one hundred °C, the devices stay totally operational. After the annealing cycle, the OFF-current is only slightly increased irreversibly. The frequency dependence of the switching behavior was investigated (gate-lag impact), and a high-frequency cutoff frequency at kHz was determined.

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