Photoluminescence Characteristics of Dysprosium Doped CeO$_$ Phosphor for White Light Emission


CeO$_{{2}}$ :Dy$^{{3+}}$ phosphors were synthesized by modified conventional solid-state reaction method. The formation of a CeO $_{{2}}$ structure is confirmed via XRD studies. The luminescence measurement upon excitation in ultraviolet and visible range shows the characteristics Dy$^{{3+}}$ excitation and emission. The occurrence of charge transfer band is explained in detail. The emission spectrum of Dy ions consists mainly of several groups of lines in the 450–625-nm region, due to the transitions from the ${}^{{4}}$F $_{{9/2}}$-$_{{6}}$H$_{{15/2}}$ (blue emission) and the $^{{4}}$F $_{{9/2}}$-$_{{6}}$H$_{{13/2}}$ (yellow emission) of Dy ions. The phenomena of concentration quenching are explained on the basis of electron phonon coupling and multipolar interaction. Different spectral parameters are calculated via the Judd Ofelt approach. The purity of the white light emission is also examined, and it makes Dy$^{{3+}}$ doped CeO$_{{2}}$ a promising candidate for applications in displays and optical device.

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