A GaN Nanowire-Based Photodetector With Ag Nanowires as Transparent Electrodes


The fabrication and the characterization of a absolutely nanowire-based UV photodetector are reported. The photodetector consists of the clear top electrode of very-long Ag nanowires and therefore the active region of GaN nanowires. The photocurrent increases by 140zero times when the photodetector is illuminated by a xenon lamp, attributing to the high crystal quality of GaN nanowires and the Schottky contact of GaN nanowires with Ag nanowires. The adsorbed molecules and therefore the dangling bonds on the surface of the GaN nanowires increase the recombination rate of photogenerated holes and shorten the photoresponse time of the photodetector in air than those in vacuum. The detector is most responsive at 350 nm, but shows less sensitivity to a wavelength around 300 nm because of the absorption of Ag nanowires.

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