Spin Pumping and the Inverse Spin-Hall Effect via Magnetostatic Surface Spin-Wave Modes in YttriumIron Garnet/Platinum Bilayers


Spin pumping at a boundary between a yttriumiron garnet (YIG) film and a skinny platinum (Pt) layer is studied beneath conditions in that a magnetostatic surface spin wave (MSSW, or DamonEshbach mode) is happy in YIG by a narrow strip-line antenna. It is shown that the voltage created by the inverse spin-Hall impact (ISHE) in Pt is strongly passionate about the wavevector of the excited MSSW. For YIG film thicknesses of forty one and zero.9m, the maximum ISHE voltage corresponds to the utmost of efficiently excited MSSW wavevectors and does not coincide with the maximum of absorbed microwave power. For a thinner (zero.175m) YIG film, the maximum of the ISHE voltage moves nearer to the ferromagnetic resonance and almost coincides with the region of the maximum microwave absorption. We have a tendency to show that the impact is connected to the change in the thickness profile and therefore the wavenumber spectrum of the excited MSSW going down when the YIG film thickness is increased.

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