Smart Mobility Strategy in Korea on Sustainability, Safety and Efficiency Toward 2025


Surface transportation systems encounter robust demand for improved safety, reduced congestion and enhanced throughputs which lead to continuous innovation on vehicular technologies, while meeting the requirement for a sustainable energy future. Applying vehicular connectivity and automated vehicle technologies to deliver a sensible mobility system in read of safety, throughputs and required conveniences, will interface a core activity of intelligent transportation system (ITS) strategic designing and implementation. So far, the power supply transition to electrification, either battery- or fuel cell-based mostly, has not been totally thought of globally inside the future ITS strategy. Consequently a method for the smart mobility has been developed to 2025 at the Korean national level, of which the core approaches are described during this paper. In addition to the review on various test-bed developments and implementations in Europe, the US, and Japan, the strategic planning on technology roadmap and test-bed application by identifying and prioritizing the future road transport demand are discussed, emphasizing vehicular connectivity and electrification.

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