Enhanced power factor of higher manganese silicide via melt spin synthesis method


We report on the thermoelectric properties of the higher manganese silicide MnSi1.75 synthesized by means of a 1-step non-equilibrium methodology. The ultrahigh cooling rate generated from the soften-spin technique is found to be effective in reducing second phases, that are inevitable during the traditional solid state diffusion processes. Other than being detrimental to thermoelectric properties, second phases skew the revealing of the intrinsic properties of this category of materials, for example, the optimal level of carrier concentration. With this soften-spin sample, we have a tendency to can formulate a simple model primarily based on a single parabolic band that may well describe the carrier concentration dependence of the Seebeck coefficient and power factor of the information reported within the literature. An optimal carrier concentration around five × 1020 cm−three at three hundred K is predicted according to the present model. The section-pure melt-spin sample shows the largest power factor at hot temperature, ensuing in the best zT worth among the three samples in this paper.

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