High-Performance Fault Diagnosis in PWM Voltage-Source Inverters for VectorControlled Induction Motor Drives (2014)


This paper proposes a simple method for single switch and double switches open-circuit fault diagnosis in pulsewidth-modulated voltage-source inverters (PWM VSIs) for vector-controlled induction motor drives, which also applies to secondary open-circuit fault diagnosis. According to the phase angle of one phase current, the repetitive operation process of VSI is evenly divided into six operating stages by certain rules. At each stage, only three of the six power switches exert a vital influence on this operation and the others make a negligible influence. An open-circuit fault of power switches introduces the repetitive current distortions, whose period is identical to that of the three-phase currents. The current distortions appear at faulty stages and disappear at healthy stages. The stage is determined by recalculating the current vector rotating angle. The d - and q-axis current repetitive distortions are applied to the detection of faulty switches due to its simplicity and fair robustness, while the faulty stages are used for the identification of faulty switches. The simulations and experiments are carried out and the results show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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