Decentralized Detection of GPS Spoofing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks - 2018


This letter proposes a decentralized scheme for the detection of world positioning system (GPS) spoofing in vehicular impromptu networks. During this theme, vehicles exchange their measured GPS code pseudo-ranges with neighboring vehicles using dedicated short-vary Communications. The vehicles then perform linear operations on the exchanged GPS information and derive independent statistics that are related to the measurements of each neighbor. Using these statistics, a vehicle implements a cumulative add procedure to regionally detect high correlations within the time of arrival of spoofed GPS signals. The vehicles report their native detection values to an elected head vehicle, that employs a min-max amendment-detection procedure to optimize the global-spoofing detection. Our experimental results show that: 1) the common detection delay decreases as the quantity of vehicles increase and 2) the proposed theme converges to optimal because the likelihood of false-alarm reduces to zero.

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