DC Switch Driven Active Power Output Control of Photovoltaic Inverters for the Provision of Frequency Regulation


During this paper, a control strategy for the participation of photovoltaic (PV) systems in frequency regulation is suggested. A number of strings from every inverter of a PV system are kept as reserve by disconnecting them through dc-relays. Hence, as the control algorithm monitors the grid frequency, it reconnects or disconnects strings, in line with the occurring frequency deviations (negative and positive, respectively). Contrary to previous approaches, the steered methodology here avoids the utilization of storage devices, which implies extra investment costs, and/or the manipulation of the most power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm of the inverter, which represents higher management complexity and special considerations relying on each algorithm. Simulation results from frequency phenomena and solar irradiation changes on a 2-bus system in MATLAB Simulink are presented to show the favorable behavior and effective performance of the proposed management strategy. The look concept is also experimentally tested below varied operating conditions and on completely different devices; the results also make sure the feasibility and ease of the method.

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