importance of heat transfer in design of two stroke engine is important to make sure the engine will perform to expectation during actual working conditions. For this a prediction is done on the various heat distributions that might occur during a normal operation of the engine. The finite element model was evolved with many boundary conditions that are predicted from theoretical studies. This is to see the general heat transfer of the engine and whether or not the engine will withstand the thermal loads occurring during the theoretical operation. Assumptions are made by approximating temperature to the actual operating condition of the engine. Heat transfer was modeled with conduction and convection as the main source of heat transfer and neglecting radiation. The values are to be verified when the actual engine is operating with correct boundary conditions. It is hoped that the engine will not come to the boundary applied as it is assumed very high compared to actual condition. The study is a transient study with assumption that the engine is running at 6000 rpm for 60 seconds and generating the boundary heat from theoretical calculations. First thermal analysis was done and analyzed the temperature distribution over the fin area. In the second stage structural analysis was carried out using the thermal loads obtained in the first stage. Three different types of materials were taken for analysis.

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