Double Error Cellular Automata-Based Error Correction with Skip-mode Compact Syndrome Coding for Resilient PUF Design - 2018


Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) gift an enticing security primitive thanks to their volatile key generation capability. Subject to environmental conditions, the PUF response, but, is vulnerable to errors which could undermine the reliability of the system when left unaddressed. A slip-correction scheme is sometimes used alongside the PUF circuit when used for cryptographic applications. In this paper, we tend to propose the utilization of Cellular-Automata Error-Correcting Codes (CAECC) due to their simplicity and regularity. An economical implementation of (fifteen, seven, 5) CA-ECC encoder/decoder targeting a Xilinx Zynq-700zero device is demonstrated, and the planning is validated on style compiler targeting 40nm TSMC technology. We have a tendency to additionally propose a skip-mode compact syndrome coding theme for relaxed per-block BER. CAECC is tested together with the skip-mode scheme, and the approach is verified on ring oscillator PUF data. The skip-mode scheme is found to reduce the ring oscillator overhead up to twentyp.c and enhance the entropy up to 23percent compared to no-skip schemes.

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