Improving Error Correction Codes for Multiple-Cell Upsets in Space Applications - 2018


Currently, faults suffered by SRAM memory systems have increased because of the aggressive CMOS integration density. Therefore, the chance of prevalence of single-cell upsets (SCUs) or multiple-cell upsets (MCUs) augments. One amongst the most causes of MCUs in house applications is cosmic radiation. A standard answer is the employment of error correction codes (ECCs). Nevertheless, when using ECCs in area applications, they have to achieve a smart balance between error coverage and redundancy, and their encoding/decoding circuits must be economical in terms of area, power, and delay. Totally different codes are proposed to tolerate MCUs. Parenthetically, Matrix codes use Hamming codes and parity checks in a bi-dimensional layout to correct and detect some patterns of MCUs. Recently presented, column–line–code (CLC) has been designed to tolerate MCUs in space applications. CLC could be a modified Matrix code, primarily based on extended Hamming codes and parity checks. Nevertheless, a standard property of these codes is the high redundancy introduced. In this paper, we tend to present a series of new low-redundant ECCs in a position to correct MCUs with reduced space, power, and delay overheads. Additionally, these new codes maintain, or maybe improve, memory error coverage with respect to Matrix and CLC codes.

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