A Single-ended with Dynamic Feedback Control 8T Sub threshold SRAM Cell - 2017


A unique 8-transistor (8T) static random access memory cell with improved knowledge stability in subthreshold operation is designed. The proposed single-ended with dynamic feedback control 8T static RAM (SRAM) cell enhances the static noise margin (SNM) for ultralow power supply. It achieves write SNM of one.4× and one.twenty eight× as that of isoarea 6T and scan-decoupled 8T (RD-8T), respectively, at three hundred mV. The quality deviation of write SNM for 8T cell is reduced to 0.four× and zero.56× as that for 6T and RD-8T, respectively. It conjointly possesses another placing feature of high read SNM a pair of.thirty three×, 1.23×, and 0.89× as that of 5T, 6T, and RD-8T, respectively. The cell has hold SNM of one.43×, 1.twenty three×, and 1.05× as that of 5T, 6T, and RD-8T, respectively. The write time is seventy onepercent lesser than that of single-ended asymmetrical 8T cell. The proposed 8T consumes less write power 0.72×, zero.6×, and 0.85× as that of 5T, 6T, and isoarea RD-8T, respectively. The browse power is 0.49× of 5T, 0.48× of 6T, and 0.sixty four× of RD-8T The power/energy consumption of 1-kb 8T SRAM array during read and write operations is zero.43× and 0.thirty four×, respectively, of 1-kb 6T array. These options enable ultralow power applications of 8T.

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