Weighted Partitioning for Fast Multiplier-less Multiple Constant Convolution Circuit - 2016


A replacement radix-3 partitioning technique of natural numbers, derived by the burden partition theory, is used to make a multiplierless circuit that's well suited to multimedia filtering applications. The partitioning methodology permits conveniently premultiplying thirty two-b floating-point filter coefficients with the tiniest set of components composing an unsigned integer input. During this manner, like the distributed arithmetic, shifters and recoding circuitry, typical of alternative well-known multiplier circuits, are completely substituted with simplified floating-purpose adders. Compared to the existent literature, targeted to each field-programmable gate array and std_cell technology, the proposed solution achieves state-of-the-art performances in terms of elaboration velocity, achieving a vital path delay of regarding a pair of ns each on a Xilinx Virtex seven and with CMOS 90-nm std_cells.

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