Frequency-Tuning Negative-Conductance Boosted Structure and Applications for Low-Voltage Low-Power Wide-Tuning-Range VCO - 2015


A frequency-tuning negative-conductance (-Gm) boosted structure and applications for a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is presented during this project. Analog tuning varactors connected to a -Gm boosted structure is proposed to considerably alleviate the limitation of the tuning vary for the -Gm boosted structure, ensuing during a low-voltage low-power wide-tuning-vary VCO. Primarily based on the proposed architecture, the fabricated 0.18-µm CMOS VCO exhibits a measured forty nine.eight% tuning vary. Operating at 0.sixty five V low offer voltage, the VCO core consumes two.thirty seven-mW dc power. At this bias condition, the measured average worth of phase noise for all frequency ranges is -one hundred fifteen.1 dBc/Hz at one-MHz offset from the carriers. Relative to recently revealed wide-tuning-range CMOS VCOs, the proposed VCO simultaneously achieves low offer voltage, low dc power dissipation, low part noise, and a large tuning vary, resulting in a good figure-of-benefit (FOM) and FOM together with the tuning vary. Furthermore, formulas of study for the proposed frequency-tuning -Gm boosted structure and wide VCO tuning vary are presented, and also the mechanisms are validated by experiments.

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