Joint Transceiver Beamforming Design for Hybrid Full-Duplex and Half-Duplex Ad-Hoc Networks


In this paper, we propose a joint transceiver beamforming design method for hybrid full-duplex (FD) and half-duplex (HD) ad-hoc networks to cancel co-channel interference and, as a result, to improve the system's overall spectral efficiency. With the help of a stochastic geometry model, we were able to derive a general expression of transmission capacity upper bound (TC-UB) along with its two compact versions. This allowed us to characterize the performance of the network. Because of the hybrid-duplex consideration and proposed beamforming design, the exact TC and conventional methods to obtain TC-UBs are not applicable. This is because of the hybrid-duplex consideration. This provides the impetus for us to exploit the UB of the desired signals with the largest eigenvalue, Alzer's inequality for the incomplete gamma function, and the interference region that dominates in order to formulate one general version of the TC-UB and two compact versions of it. According to the numerical findings, the proposed method of beamforming performs better than the existing beamforming strategies in terms of exact TC. This is especially true in situations where the number of transmit antennas per node pair is greater than the number of receiver antennas for that node pair. In addition, the derived general TC-UB is capable of providing a TC performance that is comparable to that of the exact ones, and both of its compact versions are capable of providing at the very least order-wise TC performance. In addition, we determine the points at which FD outperforms HD with the various system configurations and find the break-even points.

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