Oil-Whirl Fault Modeling, Simulation, and Detection in Sleeve Bearings of Squirrel Cage Induction Motors


Bearings are divided into two main classes: rolling bearings and sleeve bearings. The sleeve bearings are normally utilized in electrical machines on top of 200-hp rating. During this paper, dynamic modeling and simulation of a squirrel cage induction motor with sleeve bearings under oil-whirl fault is performed. The desired air gap operate beneath the fault is defined using earlier experimental results. Then, a winding operate approach is employed for modeling and simulation of the motor with faulty sleeve bearings. Accuracy of the simulation is approved by comparison to the corresponding experimental results. The stator line current harmonics made by the bearing oil-whirl fault are identified, and the simplest harmonics as the fault index are chosen considering sensitivity of the harmonics to the fault severity, further as the load level change and provide voltage unbalance. Selected index is employed to see the severity of oil-whirl fault in sleeve bearing of an induction motor working in an exceedingly real production line.

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