An Adaptive Control Scheme of SPV System Integrated to AC Distribution System - 2017


This paper presents a single-stage solar photovoltaic (SPV) system utilizing an adaptive management scheme. The SPV system includes SPV array, voltage supply converter (VSC), ripple filter, nonlinear loads, and a distribution network. The proposed SPV system feeds the active power to the distribution system, provides a good use of SPV array and mitigation of load harmonics currents. The SPV system with an incremental conductance based mostly control theme is employed for getting the utmost power from the SPV array and an adaptive control scheme to control the switching pulses of the VSC. Additionally, it utilizes a SPV feed-forward loop to boost the dynamic response and reduces the burden on the proportional-integral controller by regulating dc bus voltage. Test results are presented to validate the control, style, and response of SPV system with numerous states.

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