Start-up Scheme for a Three-Phase Isolated Full-Bridge Boost PFC Converter with the Passive Fly back Auxiliary Circuit - 2017


In this paper, a begin-up theme is proposed and investigated for a three-part isolated full-bridge boost power factor correction (PFC) converter with the passive flyback auxiliary circuit. Configuration derivation in ac facet of the PFC converter has been done, and therefore the 3 boost inductors are replaced by three coupled-inductors with flyback inductors. In beginning state, the PFC converter operates in an exceedingly flyback mode, and also the charging of its output filter capacitor will be realized with the help of the adding flyback inductors. Operational principles of the PFC converter are discussed in both steady and starting states. Furthermore, design considerations of the key parameters in starting state are analyzed through comparing with the characteristics of the PFC converter in steady state. Finally, the experimental study of the proposed begin-up theme has been done on a laboratory-created 3-section PFC prototype, and feasibility of the presented method and validity of the theoretical analysis are verified by the experimental results.

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