Socially Aware Secrecy-Ensured Resource Allocation in D2D Underlay Communication: An Overlapping Coalitional Game Scheme - 2018


With the recognition of proximity-based mostly services, device-to-device (D2D) Communication underlaying cellular networks is a promising technology to deal with the growing demands by improving network resource utilization. But, the wireless Communication's broadcast nature is liable to eavesdropping, and thus, making certain a secrecy Communication for both cellular user equipments (CUEs) and D2D pairs in an underlay network could be a difficult issue. We have a tendency to investigate the problem of physical-layer secure transmission jointly with resource allocation in D2D Communications. Totally different from existing works, we have a tendency to framed overlapping (partial) coalitional game where every D2D pair can access multiple CUEs' spectral resources. Moreover, the multiple D2D pairs can share single CUE subchannel in multiple eavesdroppers situation to make sure information security for each CUEs and D2D pairs and to maximize system sum rate in a socially aware D2D network. We have a tendency to incorporate the mutual interference and propose totally different transmission modes for a secrecy-ensured resource allocation-primarily based overlapping coalition formation theme with transferable utility to obtain a final stable partition. We have a tendency to any prove the proposed algorithm stability, convergence, and computational complexity. Each analytical and numerical results demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed theme, that ensures a system-wide security and at the same time improves the performance by maximizing the system sum rate.

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