Socially Aware NetWorking: A Survey


The widespread proliferation of handheld devices enables mobile carriers to be connected at anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the mobility patterns of mobile devices strongly rely on the users' movements, that are closely connected to their social relationships and behaviors. Consequently, these days's mobile networks are turning into increasingly human centric. This leads to the emergence of a replacement field which we tend to decision socially aware NetWorking (SAN). One in all the main options of SAN is that social awareness becomes indispensable information for the design of NetWorking solutions. This emerging paradigm is applicable to numerous sorts of networks (e.g., opportunistic networks, mobile social networks, delay-tolerant networks, ad hoc networks, etc.) where the users have social relationships and interactions. By exploiting social properties of nodes, SAN will provide higher NetWorking support to innovative applications and services. Additionally, it facilitates the convergence of human society and cyber-physical systems. During this paper, for the primary time, to the simplest of our knowledge, we present a survey of this emerging field. Basic ideas of SAN are introduced. We have a tendency to intend to generalize the widely used social properties during this regard. The state-of-the-art analysis on SAN is reviewed with specialize in three aspects: routing and forwarding, incentive mechanisms, and knowledge dissemination. Some important open issues with respect to mobile social sensing and learning, privacy, node selfishness, and scalability are mentioned.

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