Spectral and Energy Efficiency Analysis for SLNR Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems With Imperfect CSI - 2018


We have a tendency to derive tractable bound expressions on achievable spectral potency for a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system with a symptom-to-leakage-plus-noise ratio precoding scheme (SLNR-PS) below the condition of imperfect channel state info. These bounds are tight and approach actual values when the number of base station (BS) antennas is massive. A downside of energy efficiency (EE) maximization is investigated by employing a practical power consumption model. The effects of the system parameters and quality of channel estimation, together with the number of BS antennas, transmit power, and coaching length on the performance metrics, are explicitly analyzed. Following that, an alternating optimization algorithm is used to obtain the optimum EE. It has been shown that the proposed SLNR-PS performs higher than the matched-filtering and zero-forcing schemes and a deployment of huge MIMO with the optimal transmit power and training length can achieve high EE.

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