Social-Aware Secret Key Generation for Secure Device-to-Device Communication via Trusted and Non-Trusted Relays - 2018


Physical layer security (PLS) is a promising technology in device-to-device (D2D) Communications by exploiting reciprocity and randomness of wireless channels, which attracts considerable research attention within the D2D Communications community. During this Project, we investigated PLS for secure key generation rate (SKGR) in D2D Communications based mostly on cooperative trusted and non-trusted relays. By leveraging social ties, we tend to exploit 3 social phenomena for secure Communications, i.e., trusted state of affairs (social trust), non-trusted scenario (social reciprocity), and partially trusted state of affairs (mixed social trust and social reciprocity). The coalition game theory is further utilized to select the optimal relay pairs for improving SKGR. On the basis of social ties, we develop an algorithm for SKGR that protects the keys secret from both eavesdropper and non-trusted selected relays. We have a tendency to incorporate secure relays choice and system wide security for D2D Communications. The soundness and convergence of the proposed algorithm are also proved in this Project. Each numerical and analytical results verify effectiveness and consistency of our proposed scheme, which ensures better SKGR performance in D2D Communications.

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