Signal Detection Under Short-Interval Sampling of Continuous Waveforms for Optical Wireless Scattering Communication - 2018


In optical wireless scattering communication, the received signal in each symbol interval is captured by a photomultiplier tube and then sampled through terribly short but finite interval sampling. The ensuing samples kind a proof vector for symbol detection. The higher and lower bounds on transmission rate of such a processing system are studied. It is shown that the gap between 2 bounds approaches zero as the thermal noise and shot noise variances approach zero. So as to scale back the computational cost in maximum a posteriori (MAP) receiver, the edge-primarily based signal detection is additionally studied, where 2 threshold choice rules are proposed based on the detection error probability and also the Kullback-Leibler (KL) distance. For the latter, it is shown that the KL distance isn't sensitive to the brink choice for tiny shot and thermal noise variances, and therefore, the threshold can be selected among a wide selection without vital loss from the optimal KL distance. The performances of the transmission rate bounds, the signal detection, and the brink choice approaches are evaluated by the numerical results.

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