Multi-Hop Routing in Covert Wireless Networks - 2018


In covert communication, Alice tries to communicate with Bob while not being detected by a warden Willie. When the space between Alice and Bob becomes giant compared with the distance between Alice and Willie(s), the performance of covert communication will be degraded. In this case, multi-hop message transmission via intermediate relays can facilitate to improve the performance. Hence, during this Project, multi-hop covert communication over a moderate size network and within the presence of multiple collaborating Willies is considered. The relays can transmit covertly using either one key for all relays or completely different independent keys at the relays. For each case, we have a tendency to develop efficient algorithms to search out optimal paths with most throughput and minimum end-to-finish delay between Alice and Bob. As expected, employing multiple hops significantly improves the ability to communicate covertly versus the case of a single-hop transmission. Furthermore, at the expense of more shared key bits, analytical results and numerical simulations demonstrate that the multi-hop covert communication with totally different independent keys at the relays has higher performance than the multi-hop covert communication with a single key.

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