Multicast Wirelessly Powered Network With Large Number of Antennas via First-Order Method - 2018


To prolong the lifetime of energy constrained devices in.Net of Things, devices will harvest wireless energy from the control signal multicast from the access point. Unfortunately, hampered by the trail-loss, the efficiency of such multicast wirelessly powered network is low. While massive-scale antennas at access purpose will be used to boost the potency, the beamforming style drawback in multicast wirelessly powered network is known to be NP-onerous, and the ancient distinction of convex programming becomes prohibitively time consuming in large-scale settings. On the other extreme, by using the idea of infinite number of antennas and applying the law of huge numbers, easy beamforming solution is doable. But, when applied to eventualities with finite number of antennas, the performance of such asymptotic solution is way from that of distinction of convex programming. To resolve this apparent complexity-performance dilemma, this Project develops an algorithm that reduces the computation time by orders of magnitude, while still guaranteeing the same performance compared with the difference of convex programming. In explicit, the proposed algorithm consists of 2 fast-convergent iterative procedures and is guaranteed to obtain a Karush-Kuhn-Tucker solution. Furthermore, in each iteration, the algorithm solely requires the computation of inner merchandise between channel vectors and will be run in parallel for all the users. So, the complexity scales linearly with the number of antennas at access purpose. Finally, numerical results validate the performance and therefore the speed of the proposed scheme.

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