Statistical Admission Control in Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks - 2018


We tend to address the matter of online admission management in multi-hop, multi-transceiver cognitive radio networks where the channel access is regulated by a clean-bones time-division multiple access protocol and the primary user activity is modeled as an ON/OFF process. We tend to show that the problem of computing the on the market end-to-end bandwidth-necessary for admission management-is NP-Complete. Instead of operating on an approximation algorithm and analyzing its worst-case performance, we relax the matter of on-line admission control by employing a randomized scheduling algorithm and analyzing its average performance. Randomized scheduling is widely used because of its simplicity and efficiency. But, computing the ensuing average throughput is difficult and remains an open drawback. We solve this problem analytically and use the solution as vehicle for BRAND-a centralized heuristic for computing the common bandwidth available with randomized scheduling between a supply destination combine in cognitive radio networks. Driven by sensible issues, we tend to introduce a distributed version of BRAND and prove its correctness. An extensive numerical analysis demonstrates the accuracy of BRAND and its enabling worth in performing admission management.

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